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July 13th 2024 at 10am Speaker: Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

South East Writers Inc (68th Public Meeting) Labrador Community and Youth Centre July 13th 2024 at 10am
57 Billington Street, Labrador, QLD 4215 – $10.00

Speaker: Catherine Palin-Brinkworth


Global motivational speaker, behavioural scientist and successful writer, Catherine Palin-Brinkworth is our featured guest in July. After an earlier career in accountancy, and marketing in the financial services industry, she established her business leadership advisory and has been speaking, consulting and mentoring senior executives and business owners world-wide for the last 35 years.

That led to a genuine bestseller in the crowded personal development space, invitations to contribute to three compilation books, and an interesting experience with a very well known publisher in the US. Her writing mentors have included both well known authors including Bryce Courtenay and others with a business speciality focus. She is currently co-authoring a book intended for a challenging audience, young people in challenged socio-economic environments, to open their eyes to the possibilities of a happy life beyond the role models they see every day.

Catherine will share openly her writing challenges and her moments of joy! She’ll come clean with the secret to having her first book eagerly devoured close to home. Most importantly, she will open up her powerful success formula and share the practices that have worked for her. Provocatively, she has great respect for the experience of procrastination and the management of that particular behaviour. A perspective with a difference!

Catherine is known as a ‘shift worker’. No, it has nothing to do with hours of work. It’s all about our ability to think differently, to audit and redevelop our self-fulfilling prophecies. You will leave our July meeting with plenty to think about.