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May 11th 2024 at 10am Speaker: Zilla Carina

South East Writers Inc (66th Public Meeting) Labrador Community and Youth Centre May 11th 2024 at 10am
57 Billington Street, Labrador, QLD 4215 – $10.00

Speaker: Zilla Carina

Zilla is an inspirational Author, Coach, Mentor, Speaker and “bounce back” queen. Over three decades she has successfully trained and mentored over 1000 people in a variety of disciplines.

Zilla says “in order to live your best life no matter how young or mature, we must master our health first, it is imperative we understand and acknowledge who we actually are and that we truly are the writer of our own story.”

Having overcome immense personal challenges, Zilla is an exceptional and experienced life coach, passionate about helping people find clarity and success. She empowers those willing to take responsibility for living consciously, in order to transform, and up-level their lives.

Zilla is also a certified Hypnotherapist, Time-Line Therapist, Neurolinguistic Programming Coach, with a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science. She has worked in corporate management positions, guiding teams of people to successfully achieve goals and complete programs. More recently, she has authored her first book, The Scars We Carry.

Zilla now specialises in mindset and empowerment coaching, working with people who want to take charge of their life and support them to work towards living a life they absolutely love!